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About us

Together, we can make the online world more
transparent, secure and compliant.

Our mission

We protect consumers, increase compliance and work to prevent fraud. We do so by making complex issues simple and by acting quickly and sustainably. We use technology that we developed ourselves to offer the smartest solutions and client interfaces. And our aim is always the same: to create the best solution for your business.  

Our key values

It goes without saying that we act in compliance with the relevant legislation. Our clients’ data is in good hands.
What’s more, we work according to 5 core values, which are reflected in our services and professional relationships.


It’s important to us to build good relationships with clients such as yourself. We act on the basis of trust, both within and outside our own team. Trust helps us forge new relationships, thereby keeping our entrepreneurial spirit alive.


We make complex issues simple, and create the best solution for your business. We love challenges: that's when true innovation takes place. Which always puts a smile on our team’s faces!

Perfect passion

You’re either enthusiastic about your job or you’re not. And we certainly are. We want to build something together, as a team and with you as our client. Besides working hard, of course we also like to have fun.

Smart boldness

We seize new opportunities with both hands. Or we simply create them ourselves. Thanks to the the creativity and knowledge of our team, we add value to everything we do.


We go against the flow where necessary. Or take a step back to take a completely different path. We don't stop until you, our client, are 100% satisfied.

Our leadership team

Harald Dols

I enjoy streamlining business processes involving taxation and legislation, making them measurable and then optimising them. As CFO of Hummingbird, I use my enthusiasm to make the digital world a safer place to be.

Tjalling Kuitert

I’ve spent over 20 years playing one straightforward commercial role after another, while applying lateral thinking to solve various marketing issues behind the scenes. At Hummingbird, I use this dual perspective to focus on both selling and marketing our services.

Peter van Kooten

As a data specialist, I have been designing and developing validation processes for over 27 years. While doing so, I look for the best solutions to handle data and automate processes. By thinking 'out of the box', I know how to turn the impossible into the achievable.

About our company name

The Hummingbird is incorporated into our name and logo for several very good reasons. Hummingbirds are small, extremely fast, and can beat their wings up to 88 times per second. In addition, the Hummingbird is smart, capable, able to hover in one spot and even to fly backwards. This is a good analogy for us as an organisation. We strive to find the smartest and best-fit solution for you, even if this requires us to take a step backwards and then take a completely different path. We don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. We make complex systems accessible and understandable to you. We also find it important to be able to switch quickly between data sources so that you get the service you are looking for.

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Our services​

We are a one-stop-shop for data validation. We like to get to know you and your organisation better to find out which challenges you face. Together with you, we look at how we can find a suitable solution for each problem.


Our technology is developed and managed in-house, allowing us to make optimisations quickly. Clients can connect their data via a single API connection. We work with cloud servers from reliable partners, and guarantee your data security.