Prevent Fraud.
Do the check.

Hummingbird Data Group is your one-stop shop for data validation.
Together with you, we can make the online world more transparent,
secure and compliant.

One-stop shop

Through a single API connection, we arrange validation for the countries where you need it. We are a connector between you and our data sources in many European countries.


Doing business securely

Thanks to our ‘Know Your Customer’ check, you know who your customer is at the relevant moment. This way, you can prevent fraud.

In-house technology

Our technology is developed and managed in-house. This allows us to be flexible, both towards our clients and our data partners. We learn a lot from our working relationships with them, and can thus optimise our systems and services.

About Hummingbird

At Hummingbird, we believe it is important to contribute towards a secure online world.  We protect consumers, enhance compliance and work to prevent fraud. We do so by sharing our thoughts about how to create the best solution for your company. 

How we help


Data validation

In European countries, customer databases often get spoiled by all kinds of factors. This is exactly what we want to prevent through our data validation system, which validates customers in real-time during a purchase process so you can be sure you are doing business securely.


Customer acceptance

To minimise business risks such as fraud, it is important to know your customers. You can do so by using our customer acceptance flow. As each person goes through this flow and fills in their details, you can be sure that they are legitimate because we are simultaneously checking their input.


Community model

Our Community Model compares customer data from different companies. By indirectly connecting with other companies’ data sources, you get an extra check on your own customer data. This keeps your customer database up to date and allows you to respond to any changes.

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