The one-stop-shop voor data validation


Hummingbird Data Group is the one-stop shop for data validation. Together, we make the online world more transparent, secure and compliant.

Data validation

With our data validation, we ensure that customers are validated in real-time during, for example, a purchase process on your website. The millions of moves, marriages, cohabitations, divorces and name changes each year have a major impact on customer data and accessibility. 

With our validation service, we focus on correct and up-to-date customer contact data. Basically, we quickly but carefully check whether the address details are correct, whether the customer is resident at this address and whether (when available in the country in question) a person is deceased.

In addition, we can do an extra check on your data. This way you keep your customer database up to date, know who you are doing business with and prevent fraud.

Doing business safely

The Know Your Customer check lets you know who your customer is at the moment it is relevant. That's how you prevent fraud.


The data check provides you with transparent and traceable data that complies with privacy legislation.

Up-to-date customer database.

With an up-to-date customer database you work faster and you don't have to correct mistakes afterwards due to miscommunication, which saves a lot of unnecessary costs.

This is how we validate your data

We are a one-stop shop. Through a single API connection, we arrange data validation for the countries in which you need it. You connect your customer database with us and we have direct access to reliable data sources.

A reliable partner

We offer the smartest solutions and client interfaces using our own developed technology. Always with the goal of creating the best solution for your business. We are ISO 27001 certified and have over 15 years of experience in: