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At Hummingbird Data Group, we believe it is important to contribute to a safe online world. We are a one-stop shop for data validation. Together with you, we can make the online world more transparent, secure and compliant. We do so by sharing our ideas with you and creating the best solution for your business. We have a direct connection to our data sources. This means that we can switch from one data source to another very quickly, while also working cost-efficiently.

How we help


Data validation

In European countries, customer databases often get spoiled by all kinds of factors. This is exactly what we want to prevent through our data validation system, which validates customers in real-time during a purchase process so you can be sure you are doing business securely.


Customer acceptance

To minimise business risks such as fraud, it is important to know your customers. You can do so by using our customer acceptance flow. As each person goes through this flow and fills in their details, you can be sure that they are legitimate because we are simultaneously checking their input.


Community Model

Our Community Model compares customer data from different companies. By indirectly connecting with other companies’ data sources, you get an extra check on your own customer data. This keeps your customer database up to date and allows you to respond to any changes.

How we work

Firstly, we like to get to know you and your organisation better to find out which challenges you are facing.
Together, we look at how we can offer you a suitable way to solve them.

The first meeting

We’ll tell you about how we work and about our data coverage in the countries relevant to you. We’ll also tell you more about how our technology works, how fast it is and what the costs might be.

Running a test

Before we go into the testing phase, we enter into an NDA. You then send us a file to test, and we send you back the results. These will show you whether our coverage meets your needs. Through a dashboard, you can easily view the results of the test. This gives you an insight into how our service works and what it looks like. To match the systems involved as closely as possible, we enter into discussions about the best possible API link.

Our partnership

Once you are satisfied with the test phase, we can start working together properly. We’ll tell you about our Service Level Agreement and give you access to manuals and other documentation explaining how our technology works. Then we connect the various systems. You will have an assigned contact person to answer your questions and provide you with support.

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Our technology is developed and managed in-house, allowing us to make optimisations quickly. Clients can connect their data via a single API connection. We work with cloud servers from reliable partners, and guarantee your data security.

About us

Our mission is to make the online world more transparent, secure and compliant. We do so by making complex issues simple and by acting quickly and sustainably. Always with the aim of creating the best solution for your business.