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Community Model

Our own technology and management

We design and manage the Community Model ourselves, thereby allowing us to carry out optimisations quickly.

Fast and reliable technology

We have been working on our Community Model for over 15 years, and are continuously developing and improving it.

Completely anonymous data

The customer data that we handle is fully anonymised and compliant with GDPR privacy legislation.

Community model

Maintaining a customer database is a really time-consuming task. That’s why we developed our Community model, which compares customer data from different companies for you.

By indirectly connecting your files to other companies’ data sources, it gives you an extra way of checking your own customer data. Your organisation then receives notifications of any changes via our Community.

This is all carried out in a completely anonymous and compliant manner. By adopting this method, you can keep your customer database up to date while also being able to anticipate any changes that may occur.

The latest guidelines and technologies

Our Community model works according to the latest guidelines and technologies. The technology contained in the model ensures that the data is sent back and forth in an encrypted form. Encryption is the process of converting a readable message into an unreadable form in order to prevent unauthorised persons from reading it. Decryption then restores the message to its original (readable) format. Use of this model enables us to comply with with GDPR guidelines. Furthermore, we are working in accordance with ISO 27001 while our accreditation application is in progress.

Community model.
How it works

The customer data files of the companies participating in the Community are securely stored on their own server, and are only shared – in encrypted form – within the Community if the company instructs us to do so.

By sharing customer data files anonymously, companies can keep one another up to date with each other’s customer data in a fully compliant manner. What’s more, companies only receive notifications about customers already in their own database.

Step 1​

In the event that a customer moves home or dies, the customer or their next of kin passes this information on to an organisation. As soon as that organisation inputs the change, other companies participating in the Community that have the same customer in their customer database are notified that the customer is moving or has died.

Step 2

Other companies now know that the customer is going to move or has died, but (for privacy reasons) still have to find out for themselves which new address the customer is moving to. Or they may set the deceased customer’s data in their database to ‘inactive’.

Step 3

Companies can decide for themselves whether to take action. If they do so, the customer will receive a message from these companies asking them to register their new address with that company too. Or the next of kin will be contacted with the question of what to do with the deceased customer’s data.

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Our technology is developed and managed in-house, allowing us to make optimisations quickly. Clients can connect their data via a single API connection. We work with cloud servers from reliable partners, and guarantee your data security.