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Customer acceptance

Do business safely

Through our ‘Know Your Customer’ check, you can be sure who your customer is at the relevant moment. This way, you can prevent fraud.

The flow is tailor-made

The flow can be completely customised in terms of your preferred sequence of questions, house style and other specific requests.

Fast customer onboarding

Our real-time identification lets customers move smoothly through the process, thereby increasing conversion.

Customer acceptance

In order to minimise business risks such as fraud, it is important to know your customers.  You can do so by using our customer acceptance flow. Because each consumer goes through this flow and enters their details while we simultaneously cross-check these, you can be sure that they are a legitimate person.

To ensure that as few consumers as possible drop out during the process, it is important that the customer acceptance flow is fast and intuitive. We are happy to help you achieve this goal.

A fully customised KYC flow

We offer our customer acceptance flow as a white-label solution. This means that you can design the flow completely according to your own wishes, both in terms of house style and your preferred order. Our flow consists of various building blocks that you can switch on and off. We can also offer these building blocks separately from our flow and build them into your existing flow. If you need help to set up the flow, we can provide this too. Together, we discuss your requirements and use a flow chart to work out all the steps in detail. After approval, we build the flow according to your wishes in the house style you provide us with. After delivery, we test the flow until you are 100% satisfied.

Customer acceptance.
How it works

We have a standard customer acceptance flow that we can adapt to meet your requests, and offer online tools for validation checks, ID checks, IBAN name checks, IDIN and NAW checks. We can integrate these tools separately. We can also create links to existing or public sources, for instance to receivership checks, insolvency checks, PEPs and sanctions lists.

Step 1​

We work with you to determine which data is essential to your customer acceptance flow. We then tailor our flow to your company and requirements.

Step 2

Customers go through the flow in a smooth and intuitive way. The details they enter are checked in real-time against our data sources.

Step 3

Are the details that have been entered correct? If so, you can add these customers to your database with the greatest of ease. Or perform an extensive Due Diligence investigation in order to minimise risks such as fraud.

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Data validation

In European countries, customer databases often get spoiled by all kinds of factors. This is exactly what we want to prevent through our data validation system, which validates customers in real-time during a purchase process so you can be sure you are doing business securely.


Community model

Our Community model compares customer data from different companies. By indirectly connecting with other companies’ data sources, you get an extra check on your own customer data. This keeps your customer database up to date and allows you to respond to any changes.



Our technology is developed and managed in-house, allowing us to make optimisations quickly. Clients can connect their data via a single API connection. We work with cloud servers from reliable partners, and guarantee your data security.