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Data validation

A safe way to do business

By doing the ‘Know Your Customer’ check, you know who your customer is at the relevant moment. This enables you to prevent fraud.


Our data check provides you with transparent and traceable data that complies with privacy legislation.

Oversee your database

With an up-to-date customer database, you can work faster and won’t subsequently have to correct any mistakes arising from miscommunication.

Data validation

For all sorts of reasons, customer files often become unreliable. This process can start as soon as someone becomes a customer, through duplicate registrations and incorrect data entry.

There may also be changes during the time that someone remains a customer, such as when people move home, get divorced or die. Such factors quickly accumulate, with up to 20% of a customer database becoming inaccurate every year. Fraudsters like to take advantage of this situation.

That’s why our data validation process ensures that customers are validated in real time – for example, during a purchase process on your website. In addition, we can do an extra check on your data. This way, you can keep your customer database up to date, know who you are doing business with, and prevent fraud.

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Data validation by Hummingbird

We work with as complete a dataset as possible, and aim for the highest possible coverage in each country. Our system carries out data validation in a low-threshold manner. The process takes place behind the scenes, and the checks happen in real-time. As a result, the consumer doesn’t notice what is happening, and doesn’t have to perform any additional actions, such as (perhaps unnecessarily) filling in a lot of data. We also have a direct connection to our data sources, allowing us to work cost-efficiently.

Validating data.
How we do it

We are a one-stop shop. Through a single API connection, we arrange data validation for the countries where you need it. We have direct access to reliable data sources.

You connect your customer database to us, and through our API connection, we unlock whichever data sources allow us to guarantee the highest possible coverage in that specific country.

Step 1​

In order to validate, you compare the consumer’s details to the data source live, via our API. This lets you check fields such as the name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, initials and gender code.

Step 2

We compare the validation data provided against reliable and GDPR-proof data sources. You receive immediate feedback on whether these details match.

Step 3

Is everything correct? If so, the consumer data can be used for its validation purpose: for example, an online customer acceptance process in which the consumer wants to buy a product and pay afterwards using Afterpay.

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Customer acceptance

To minimise business risks such as fraud, it is important to know your customers. You can do so by using our customer acceptance flow. As each person goes through this flow and fills in their details, you can be sure that they are legitimate because we are simultaneously checking their input.


Community model

Our Community model compares customer data from different companies. By indirectly connecting with other companies’ data sources, you get an extra check on your own customer data. This keeps your customer database up to date and allows you to respond to any changes.



Our technology is developed and managed in-house, allowing us to make optimisations quickly. Clients can connect their data via a single API connection. We work with cloud servers from reliable partners, and guarantee your data security.