The one-stop-shop voor data validation

ID Verification

Hummingbird Data Group is the one-stop shop for data validation. Together, we make the online world more transparent, secure and compliant.

Easily identify customers with validation checks

To minimize business risks such as fraud, it is important to know your customers. This is possible with our customer acceptance flow. You decide how you want to onboard customers, we take care of the technology.

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Here's how we build your KYC flow

We have a standard customer acceptance flow that we can customize to your needs and seamlessly integrate into your existing processes. We have online tools with a validation check, such as an ID check, IBAN name check and an iDIN NAW check.


We can also offer our ID scan solution separately from our flow through a direct integration into your existing tool/process, so the customer can easily identify themselves with a passport, identity card or driver’s license.

Doing business safely

The Know Your Customer check lets you know who your customer is at the moment it's relevant. That's how you prevent fraud.


The flow can be completely customized in terms of the sequence of questions, house style and other specific wishes.

Optimal customer experience

The real-time identification allows your customers to move smoothly through the process, which increases conversion.

A reliable partner

We offer the smartest solutions and client interfaces using our own developed technology. Always with the goal of creating the best solution for your business. We are ISO 27001 certified and have over 15 years of experience in: