Our Service

We are happy to work with you on carefree payment transactions. Our service is implemented quickly and easily in cooperation with your IT department. The data can be checked immediately, fast and accurately, without you having to carry out maintenance work in the future.

Our system works with an API interface. This works quickly and easily and can be easily connected to your systems.

Our Checks

Be sure of your payments

Prevent Fraud

Our system saves you the costs of fraud. You will be able to turn your attention to your paying customers without any worries.

"'Fraud costs the online shopping business millions of euros every year. With this tool we contribute to fighting this.'"
Harald Dols

Green energy

Our data center runs on green energy. It is generated through solar cells and helps us realise our durability goals. We also stock green energy for our work places. This way the Hummingbird Data Group contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.